Sunday, December 01, 2013

What We Do: Application-Specific Tablet Solutions

Over the past few years consumer tablets have gone through rapid technology advancement and steep cost decline. Increased performance and reduced costs have allowed companies to successfully deploy these tablets into a wide variety of applications; point of sale, healthcare, education, trucking, field repair services and restaurants to name just a few.

While readily-available consumer tablets offer a compelling hardware platform, there are significant software challenges to overcome before devices can be successfully deployed in enterprise applications.  These challenges include:

1.  Security  In many cases the device user interacts with the tablet on a loan basis (e.g. taking meal orders in a hospital).  It is desirable to restrict device operation to prevent users from accidentally or intentionally changing the device configuration and potentially compromising the operation of the device.

2.  User Interface  In many cases users will be operating the device without prior training.  The interface needs to be able to guide the user through the operation.  Therefore, it is important that a customized user interface is created on the tablet for specific business applications.

3.  Mobility Device Management  When a large number of devices are deployed in the field the ability to remotely manage tablets and perform a variety of tasks like application updates, security policy enforcement or location of lost or stolen tablets is key to the protection of these mobile assets.  Remote management can be efficiently performed via cloud based portals.

Our focus at Caribou is to develop Application Specific Tablet Solutions which are secure, user friendly and easy to deploy and manage.  Our solutions center around low-cost, readily-available Android consumer tablets.  The open source Android operating system allows us to easily customize device behaviour for any type of business application.